UAN.GO Exoskeleton

UAN.GO is the innovative Motorized Robotic Exoskeleton for walking training and rehabilitation.



UAN.GO is an easily wearable device that enables gait training through personalized and function-specific movements. The support of unique technologies belonging to the reference sector provides an innovative and unique rehabilitation pathway.


UAN.GO is a CE certified medical device of class IIa, it’s an effective and cutting-edge tool specifically designed to enhance the rehabilitation experience.


UAN.GO improves the functional balance, the step kinematics and the distance travelled.


UAN.GO allows an effective walking recovery in neurorehabilitation; the body is re-trained to freely move around in space thanks to an intensive and a continuous training of the natural gait pattern.


UAN.GO is an innovative, effective, user-friendly robotic aid for gait rehabilitation, providing stability and a next-generation kinematics.

UAN.GO enhances the rehabilitation experience thanks to its distinctive features.

UAN.GO is a medical device designed to perform robotic rehabilitation in both clinical environment and/or at home.



UAN.GO enables an active participation of patients in order to stimulate opportunities for treatment and recovery of motor functions through the neuro-plasticity of the nervous system.

The device provides different usage and gait training modes and it also offers the possibility of setting up a progressive recovery path through the simple execution of passive, active or active-assisted movements to be applied in the different stages of rehabilitation, depending on the patient’s motor skills.

UAN.GO allows an active participation of patients by providing more opportunities for treatment and recovery of motor functions.

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Motor functions
sit to stand, single step, continuous walking, warm up, stair up and stair down
Adjustable movements and force support
the rehabilitation of gait function is facilitated by specific map of movements that can be differentiated according to the user's ability and needs
Anatomical configuration
through innovative telescopic systems and without tools it is possible to adapt the size of UAN.GO to the user in just a few minutes, thus increasing the time dedicated to therapy
Ergonomic design
italian design style, the device is backpack-free for greater freedom of movement. The battery is integrated in the corset for quick and easy replacement
automatic postural surveillance with anti-fall alert and ergonomic handles for a safer grip
Assisted and autonomous operating modes

possibility of initiating device movements with the help of a caregiver or autonomously by moving the body's centre of gravity in the desired direction

Human-machine interaction
user experience facilitated by the positioning of controls next to ergonomic handles on the corset and an intuitive graphic interface supported by acoustic and visual feedback
Fast dressing

the user can perform the movement wheelchair to UAN.GO quickly thanks to the lateral opening of the limb of device

UAN.GO can be disassembled into 3 pieces and placed into a handly trolley. This allows robotic rehabilitation to be taken out of the only clinical environment
Smooth movement
thanks to the 8 joint centres and advanced software, the user moves more naturally


U.Connect is a simple, intuitive and functional communication interface that allows you to consult and manage the usage data of the UAN.GO device.

U.Connect displays travel times, distances, speeds and how to use the device. The data is securely saved on a dashboard that also allows for the automatic generation of clinical reports.

Through U.Connect you can track and monitor patient progress, store all session data in one place, control, set up and customize future sessions for your patient's individual needs. This application also allows access to an online resource library.


UAN.GO is an active exoskeleton that allows patients with lower limb disabilities to walk. With four active and four passive joints, UAN.GO helps users with lower limb disabilities to stand, sit, walk and climb stairs.

Designed for people with severe disabilities in the lower limbs, UAN.GO is intended for patients with complete and incomplete spinal injury, stroke, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s, ataxia and more generally for people who cannot walk. The user must have normal hand and shoulder function to maintain balance during the session by means of crutches or a walker. The exoskeleton actively supports the user’s weight.

UAN.GO allows for an improvement in functional balance, greater exercise capacity, a reduction in spasticity and greater motor autonomy. More than anything else, UAN.GO improves self-confidence, improves motor independence by rehabilitating patients with gait disorders. Helps improve respiratory activity, blood circulation, prevents some problems with the digestive tract and liver. The motor activity performed with UAN.GO helps to improve the problem of recurring pain and allows to prevent pressure sores.

UAN.GO is an innovative exoskeleton designed specifically by clinicians for clinicians and features software that incorporates early mobility programs to support the recovery of autonomous human gait.

UAN.GO is suitable for patients weighing less than 100Kg and between 155 and 195cm.

UAN.GO comes with two sets of fast charging lithium-ion batteries. The batteries are easily replaceable to allow continuous use.

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UAN.GO is available for healthcare facilities and for private use. Contact us for more information at:

The clinical version of UAN.GO is functional to the robotic rehabilitation therapy for the disability of the lower limbs. The personal version of UAN.GO has been conceived to increase the user’s independence and improve the general conditions compromised by sitting in a wheelchair.

Support includes installation, start-up, training and a product warranty; software updates, periodic maintenance, repair and device calibration services may be included.